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​​Winner - 2017 San Diego Book Awards


“A lyrical harmony of mystery, romance, and the webwork fo family. M. Lee Buompensiero’s Sumerland is a true page turner ... deeply human and lovingly written."

Richard Lederer,columnist, San Diego Union Tribune  and bestselling author of “Anguished English”

Every family has its secrets …
Take a self-assured young woman, a psychic best friend, a stray dog, and a young veterinarian, put them in an old mansion with a couple of dispirited ghosts with an axe to grind—and you have Sumerland!

Like its oddball cast of characters, Sumerland is a stewpot of sexual tension, frustration, fear and ghosts, seasoned with dark family secrets and lies.

Sumerland is based on a real family story—mine. It is a tale of a family divided—literally split in two—for generations. Neither side knowing the whereabouts of the other—and keeping that deep dark secret until it was forgotten, buried, a blank page in the annals of time for subsequent generations.